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I look forward to learning more about your goals as a property owner!


Real Estate is what sets us apart. It is our surroundings that we have created that we spend most of our time. It is not in the wilderness, or the elements. But in the shelters we have built with our imaginations and skills.                

What comes along with great creation however, is upkeep and care. Many homes get mistreated and then traded in for a newer model. Homes are not cars though, and deserve more than to end up a pile of rubble after many years of protection and service.

I believe in renovating a home that is dated, oiling it’s old joints and stabilizing its structure. Putting hard work into repairing a home’s weaknesses and making it a place to call home again.

Buying and selling real estate is not an exact science. It is a very personal experience. And the experience belongs to those who are involved in the transaction. It is not my home and experience as the agent, but my client’s home and experience. I simply clear the path of as much debris as I can to make the experience as painless as possible!

Each client is unique. Each transaction is unique. Sometimes the new home is the right answer to the client’s needs. But sometimes the answer is hidden under shag carpet and Formica countertops. My job is to help my clients make that decision with knowledge and vision.